My Book

I was wishing for a sign from Above when I suddenly got one!  Imagine my shock (and delight!) when I received an immediate answer to something I longed for  ... 

Early one morning I was talking to a friend on the phone, and wondering what to do with my life when she blurted out, "It's finally time for you to write your book!"  She said it with such conviction it got my attention.  I had a dream of writing a book, but I wasn't clear about the topic. 


"I'm not sure what to write about," I shrugged.  Then we both rattled off some ideas but none of then stuck or lit me up.  I sighed, "I wish God would send me a sign, a fax with the answer."  At that very moment, I heard a beep on the line.  It was call waiting and I let it go into voicemail.  After my friend and I hung up, I listened to the message.  It was Katherine, a woman I met at a gathering we called our, Heart Storming Group, a group that was formed for women with or wanting to start, a heart-based business.  She'd never called me before, so I was curious about what she wanted and called her back immediately.  


"I think you should write a book about handwritten notes and letters, like a guide book of some sort.  People love getting hand-written 'thank you' notes and letters and it's so rare these days."  I sat stunned. I never told her about my secret desire  to write a book.  And yet, she called at that precise moment when  I asked for a sign!  The amazing thing is, I've had a passion for connecting with others through hand-written notes and letters for many years.  It's a beloved ritual I enjoy almost daily.  

I first discovered this wonderful life- and love- enhancer when I read Alexandra Stoddard's Gift of a Letter.  When I began writing notes and letters, I had no idea how much it would transform my relationships with others.  The more I expressed gratitude and appreciation to the people in my life, the happier they seemed and the more fulfilled I felt.

I've learned that the greatest happiness in life comes through love and connection and making a positive difference, and sometimes all it takes to achieve that is the writing of a simple yet heartfelt letter.  In my book,  Pen it Forward, I offer prompts and examples that will help you uniquely express your love and gratitude to the people in your life - an expression of the heart that can satisfy your loved ones' need for recognition and appreciation.  

What's more, when you write affirming notes and letters, you're making a positive difference to more people than you may realize.  Joy is contagious!  When you make someone happy, I guarantee you they will make someone else happy, who will then make someone else happy, and the good feelings will go forth exponentially.   What a satisfying feeling to know we've played a part.  We penned it forward!



                          "For me the only things of interest are linked to the heart."  - Audrey Hepburn 


Pen it Forward is an inspirational guide filled with story after story that will capture your heart and encourage you to reach out to others with a handwritten note or letter.  You can help fulfill one of the deepest needs of every human being.  You can do this with your pen.  

I believe the world will be a better place, our homes a happier space, and our relationships better than ever when we take time to show we sincerely care in a kind note or letter.  Even more, your note or letter can be a meaningful gift and life-long treasure.  

In essence, Pen it Forward is about conscious loving, heart-centered living, and making a positive contribution to the people in our communities and circle of influence, beginning with our family, friends, neighbors, workplace, church ... and ideally extending and widening our circle of kindness and care to others who need it. 


This book is good for your heart and soul! It may be the best book you read all year!

Get a copy for yourself (and a friend) today!