Natural Healing

My passion for health and well-being began when I was 21 years old and a stranger came up to me and claimed, "Your face doesn't have to look that way.  I know someone who can help you heal your skin."  I'm sure I turned beet red.  Yet, there was no denying I had a severe case of cystic acne that even the best makeup couldn't hide.

I'd gone to a handful of dermatologists, and two different doctors, but the best they could offer was antibiotics and topical treatments, which basically addressed my symptoms, but not the cause (I didn't realize this until later).  They did help some but only temporarily because my body became immune to the medicine.  I felt helpless and thought I'd have to live with the embarrassment and discomfort, for what felt like, forever.  I was willing to try most anything, so I immediately called his friend, who turned out to be a naturopathic doctor.  Even though I was skeptical, I made the appointment.  And I'm so glad I did.  My meeting with Dr. Cropley changed my life!


Dr. Cropley spent two hours with me on my first visit.  He did a thorough intake and carefully looked at me as a whole person.  He prescribed not drugs but a total lifestyle makeover.  The first thing he recommended was an herbal cleanse and a food plan that included fresh foods; whole, natural, organic, nutrient dense, high fiber foods that were delicious!  And I was instructed to eliminate all foods that weren't fresh and nutritious.  It was a drastic change for me.  But I was desperate for clear skin.  And I admit, it was more for social reasons than anything else. 


Next on the list was mindful moving.  He recommended I take a walk outside in the fresh air daily as well as regular stretching.  Then he said something that surprised me.  He pointed out that my inncer critic was getting the best of me.  As such, he encouraged me to be much more mindful of my inner dialogue and self-talk.   Practicing self-compassion was in order.  This took a lot of conscious awareness and diligent practice and I'm still working on it.  But it's a helpful, healing modality for sure. 


I did everything Dr. Cropley suggested  as best that I could, and within 6 months my skin was creamy clear.  Even more, I felt better than I ever had before!  I was free from the debilitating p.m.s. pain that I'd suffered with since I was 13.  It all seemed like such a miracle to me.   

From that experience, my philosophy of health and healing completely changed.  I learned some extraordinary things:  One, our lifestyle choices play a pivotal part in our health and well-being.  And, our bodies know how to heal themselves when they are kindly cared for and mindfully and lovingly paid attention to. 

Secondly, having support is absolutely essential.  I could not have made such drastic changes without Charley's support.  I regularly met with him by phone or in person for health coaching and I attended his sensational program, Food Is Your Best Medicine.  

His enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, natural healing and vibrant living was contagious!   


I was deeply devoted to reading everything I could get my hands on  about natural healing and was delighted to discover I could get a Bachelor of Arts in Wellness and Health Education at Metropolitan State University (MSU) of Denver.  So, I dove into my education with all my heart and soul and loved every moment of immersing myself in classes that had an emphasis in holistic health and well-being.

After graduating from MSU, I got certified as a Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant through the American Council on Exercise and in 2002, I founded my company, Passion for Health, LLC. and began coaching private clients as well as working as an independent contractor for Cigna Onsite Wellness, Health Staffing Network, Office Workouts, Life Span Wellness, and Impact Health as a health coach for workplace wellness programs.  A partial client list includes Charles Schwab, IBM, Cherry Creek School District, Highland Senior Recreation Center, and Saint Joseph Hospital.  

Several years later, I'm equally as passionate about living a natural, vibrantly healthy lifestyle.  One that's in harmony with me and my values.  Even more, I'm deeply devoted to serving and supporting others in achieving their goals and desires to live a happy, healthy, lifestyle that is sustainable and in line with your values.